Assembling a Receive Preamp for a Yaesu DR-1X Repeater

Yaesu DR-1X repeater installations I’ve been able to look at have mostly had an added Receive Preamp added to help the RX side of the DR-1X better match the TX side.

Dave N9JDZ assembled the Preamp in use at the Washington Island WI9DX 2m repeater, and pointed me in the right direction to assemble one for the 2m repeater I am sponsoring.

The preamp module


Close up of the face



Back side of the preamp module, including specs



Cables – I used longer ones than what I’ve link below as the short ones were out of stock when I ordered



Power supply



Project Box – notice that I am pushing the gasket into place. You will need to trim it as the material is longer than what is needed.



The Tools you need – plus YOU NEED SAFETY GLASSES. I was wearing my safety glasses while doing the project and should have put another pair in the picture as a reminder.


Use the Dremel tool to remove material for the power supply cord. You are going to capture some of the strain-relief on the cord, so the hole will need to be bigger than you first might think. I centered the hold by eye, rather than getting too scientific about it.


After you put the cables on the model, lay it on the enclosure to visualize where you need to cut the coax holes.



Here is a close up of the particular tool I used in my Dremel. Run the Dremel at maximum speed to let the tool cut rather than melt plastic a middle speed setting.


Here is a coax hole as I cut mine.



Check the fit. Then clean up all the shards of plastic from cutting.



Runs the enclosure screws in and you assembly is done.



I marked mine with Input and Output. As I will be using Velcro tape to mount my unit, it is all done.

Here are the eBay links for the products I used:

amp module –

case –

cables (need two) –

power supply –

You can get all of these same items elsewhere on the internet, but I found eBay was lowest shipped cost by a wide margin.

I’m considering using a sealant to seal the holes around the cables and power cord once everything checks out okay.  I’m thinking I can avoid some small insect deciding the enclosure is a good place to live that way.

It’s taken much more time to share this assembly than to have actually assembled two units.  (I built a spare for myself.)

Again keep it safe – especially WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when using the Dremel tool.






4 thoughts on “Assembling a Receive Preamp for a Yaesu DR-1X Repeater

  1. Carl Demmin says:

    You could use rubber grommets to seal up the holes around the wires, just cut them so you can get them around the cable.

  2. Kc0cap says:

    The this placed between the duplexer and receiver?

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