K9ZW new QTH winter interim plans

Winter has overtaken plans to have a temporary station up and running at the new QTH.  When lows are -28F I’m not going to get any quality antenna work done outside.

The new workshop/radio room is close to being ready to start setting this up.

I’ve brought the SteppIR CrankIR back from the Washington Island QTH but am doubtful that the weather extremes wouldn’t damage the antenna.  Subzero temperatures covered in an inch of ice, while being wind-whipped relentlessly is pretty extreme for this type of antenna.

We have so much wildlife at the new QTH that I need to give that some thought too.  Here is an example of some of the fourteen deer in the yard yesterday.

Some of the fourteen deer in the yard Feb 9th 2019

I do have a long unused GAP Titian DX stored in the backyard at the old house, which could be rescued from storage and set up temporarily.

Or a dipole could be hoisted given a fair day of weather.

Presently I am remoting to the Flex-6700 station at the old house, as the tower & station will first come down early spring.






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