Faux SDRs & Vaporware Products at Dayton Hamvention – “The Fake News”

Faux SDRs & Vaporware Products:

Reports from Dayton of new products seem to be far apart, and a couple anticipated products seem lackluster or concept mockups.

Kenwood launched a decidedly non-SDR junior version of what is perhaps best described as half of its flagship transceiver.  “Less good Kenwood stuff but at a lower price point.” Seems sort of radio that they might have launched 4-5 years ago.

Yaesu showed a mock up of a new radio that hyped as an SDR and appears to have some aspects of SDR technology while largely being conventional. From the sparse information any SDR efforts may be limited to mainly generating the Panadapter display. No specifications or price announced, nor availability date indicated. Again what seems like a 4-5 year old product, or maybe more an effort to generate some “Dayton Buzz” rather than a serious technology move forward.

What did you see at Dayton that was innovative, had a price, and you could actually order/buy?


Steve K9ZW




2 thoughts on “Faux SDRs & Vaporware Products at Dayton Hamvention – “The Fake News”

  1. KB6NU says:

    Yaesu, Kenwood introduce new rigs at Dayton, but – KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog
    […] FTDX101D is being touted as an SDR, the Kenwood TS-890S is not an SDR at all. Both are vaporware (as K9ZW puts it) at this point. No prices were announced, nor was […]

  2. Adam AB4OJ says:

    Truth be told, the IC-7300 and IC-7610 have eaten the two other major JA OEMs’ lunch.

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