The Flexer’s Advantage Series: Do you See what I hear….

Do you see what I hear?   Strange question, or is it?

a real Flexer’s advantage is the superlative implementation of multiple highly flexible Panadapters letting an operator visually evaluate the band(s) before listening.

I typically use less than the eight Panadapter “Slices” the Flex-6700 allows, though I often use about five or six.

My preference is the Panafall configuration and my first two will be where I am working as “slice A for Active” works for me.  Then the next slices will be sized for an overview of the segment in each of the bands I am thinking of operating.

I do not tend to drop very many receivers unless I’m planning to pop back and forth between bands.  Rather my style is to instead change frequency on my first slice Panadapter and receiver treating the other Panadapters as sort of big spectrum scope.

what is very neat – the real advantage – is your style of setting up slices and receivers doesn’t have to be anything like mine.  Upcoming SmartSDR versions allow undocking of slices, potentially sharing the visuals in even more effective ways.

To be certain other radios have had Panadapters for many decades.  But it has been in the SDR software offerings where this useful tool has been taken to new levels.

It is easy to visually recognize a DX operation, especially if running split by the fainter DX – sometimes barely showing – being answered by massive calls.  In the SmartSDR for iOS Panadapter it is possible to map the DX cluster directly onto the Panafall.

Once you see it, it is simple enough to drop a slice receiver on the signal, set up split if appropriate, and see if you too can work the DX.




One thought on “The Flexer’s Advantage Series: Do you See what I hear….

  1. People always seem to ask – why do you need 8 slices? Or they loudly proclaim – 8 slices is overkill!!!!!1!!!1!ONE!!!1!!

    As I explain to people, I make use of my 8 slices. I might use 6, or I may use all 8. Sometimes I’m chatting with my pals from the UK on 40, watching DX on 160 (or 6), while running skimmer on 40 through 160, and monitoring JT65 on those bands. When something interesting pops up, I jump on it, work it and grin gleefully before the rest of the Internet realizes it’s there because the unfortunate sap is now spotted on the cluster…

    Even during CQWW CW last year I did a pretty much 100% S&&P operation (because it was in between household stuff) but it was amazing to see a spot just pop up in my local skimmer, work it, then watch the hordes of mult seekers swoop down like a flock of seagulls spotting an errant package of Wendy’s fries…

    It is what it is. Who doesn’t love MORE radio? Apart from having to PAY for it of course. But since I already bought my radio, it’s mine, I’m going to enjoy it and not be penny wise and pound foolish…

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