One Face of Grant – There are few hobbies as inexpensive as Amateur Radio

There are few hobbies as inexpensive as Amateur Radio

Okay, fust let’s be clear – like every other hobby out there you can spend the earth in pursuit of hobby nirvana in Amateur Radio.
But you don’t have to!
Amateur radio can be about the most inexpensive hobby you can ever participate in!
Let’s do a quick roundup on what $$$ you need to get a start:
  • Study Material is available free on the internet.  You might even find a free Hamcram training session.
  • Initial Exam ranges from free with some test groups to $15.00 with others.  Let’s put down $15.00
  • An ultra basic NEW HT like the Baofeng UV-5R Gen 2 can be bought for $25.00 or less including shipping – so add $25.00
  • Repeater guide information can be looked up online (check your are Repeater Coordinator Website, and don’t waste your money on the printed to CD-Rom lists groups like the ARRL offer as that information is stale & unverified.) – so the information is Free
So for $50.00 you can be one the air!  Maybe after a couple hundred times on the air you might want a fancier radio or a high class license, but you can run a long long time on your first $50.00  One single “face of Grant” gets you started and off running!
You aren’t going to get started in Tennis, Fishing, Shooting, XC-skiiing, flying, polishing gemstones, playing saxophone, building a HiFi, going to the symphony, going to a rock concert or much else for just $50.00
It is fantastic that there basically is no major economic barrier to entry for Amateur Radio.

One thought on “One Face of Grant – There are few hobbies as inexpensive as Amateur Radio

  1. kd7ltn says:

    I agree, yet in some cases you can ‘get on the air’ for free thanks to EchoLink and the many repeaters/repeater systems that offer it. So, one that is really lucky can get ‘into’ the hobby basically for free (other than time studying and travelling to a testing location).

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