Evolution to the Flex-6400/6600 and Revolution to the Flex M-models – why we should expect innovation

Perhaps some of us have missed how important new models are to an organization, as the new products predictably will not only incorporate enhancements that may better fit end client expectations but as importantly they will hone & optimize production.

The production per unit advantages are important to capture both to enhance revenues, but as critically to avoid non-value-added production costs (waste) that increases vulnerability to more efficiently produced competition.

This is more true when the new products replace existing production rather than expand the product line produced.

I’d argue the Flex-6400 and Flex-6600 are updates to leverage everything FRS has learned and cost optimize for both production cost and marketplace sell price reasons.

Further the M-models (Flex-6440M and Flex-6600M) are the true product line expansion models, as they leverage the Maestro product through update & integration with the otherwise needed new 6400 and 6600.  The M-models brilliantly expand product line appeal at a much lower cost (or resource drain) than a completely new product would have used.

In the transformation to a software defined company the hardware still must be state of the art in effectiveness on both performance and cost-value.

Remembering that there are industrial dynamics that simply require an effective producer to innovate or risk being replaced in the marketplace by more effective competitors we cannot be “High-Tech Luddites” expecting innovation to stagnate because we imagine we can artificially maintain marketplace supremacy for our purchase through stagnation.

Kudos to FRS for redesigning a few models to better fit the marketplace’s needs and improve margin on a unit production cost basis.

And more kudos due for combining developed products with enough enhancement to carve out new marketplace positions with what arguably are largely already amoritized product development costs in the merged products.

Hope I haven’t bored too many of you as I wanted to wait until the usual emotional stuff started to settle before explaining why FRS needed to innovate core models, and how brilliant the M-models are from the product expansion aspects.



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