Roadtrip to Hamvention 2017

Roadtrip to Hamvention 2017

I’m having my usual “Dayton Doubts” about leaving early tomorrow for the Hamvention. Pretty busy at work, youngest son is doing the end of semester apartment move, the new Xenia site is a huge number of unknowns, the forecast is for very hot and rainy weather, between the Wisconsin and Illinois DOTs they have a lot of the route under construction…. Yup I can make them up and stack them even higher.

Actual fact is I could stay home and perhaps learn everything I will learn at Xenia but with live streaming & live blogging perhaps delayed an hour or two.
But then I would miss out on the eye-ball QSOs (face to face time) with old & new friends, with vendors and educators, and most of all I’d miss seeing the relatives we’ve made plans with while in Dayton.

With generous stops, decent traffic and modest construction delays it is only an 8 hour trip each way. With XYL along this trip we can share driving, so I’ll get at least a couple hours rest in route.

If the Hamvention itself is a problem – overwhelmed by gridlock, difficulties parking/getting there, overcome by weather (they say there is only one air conditioned building this year), or overtaken by the horde of hams said to be 40% more than last year! – well then I can swing to “Plan-B” which does other Dayton area things while attending ham related banquets each evening.

Speaking of Banquets circumstances are such that George W9EVT’s wife needs to stay back at Greengate Farm to nurse a sick dog, and I have an extra ticket for each of the two FlexRadio System’s Banquets.

Here is our Banquet schedule:
• Thursday Evening – FlexRadio Systems Contester/DXer Banquet (have one extra ticket)
• Friday Evening – Collins Collectors Association Banquet (also have one extra ticket)
• Saturday Evening – FlexRadio Systems General Radio Amateurs’ Banquet (again have one extra ticket)

Other than a few specific items of information or pricing friends asked me to check out for them, I would only likely blog in the evenings or on my return. There are enough live-bloggers, micro-bloggers (Tweeters & such) and live-streaming project groups that I don’t need to do the same thing.

Hope to see you there!


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