Other Hamvention 2017 Predictions

Other Predictions for Hamvention 2017

Not secret at all are the pre-announced series of new Icom transceivers, the return of the IC-7200 and a new SWL Receiver.

Yaesu is a bit harder to predict, as in general one would think they will expand their C4FM/WIRES-X/Fusion products, but just like the three lables are similar but not the same, it may be hard to pick out what is what.

Will Kenwood have more D-Star offerings? Likely, as they have entered that camp.

TenTec will be back with improved product (anticipate the Omni-VII and Eagle), a possible redesign (Jupiter Mark II) and if we’re luck some news on whether an Orion-III will ever happen.

Same owner will be there with new Alpha-9500 and manual tune Alpha amps, and with news on the Alpha-4040 Auto Tuner.

Jeff KE9V told me he expects to see more portable “weekender-type” gear – antennas, radios and other operating components, and I wholly concur. KE9V is also predicting items tailored for the Sprint Type Contester, as so few of us can block off a couple days for major contests.  I’m thinking again he has this right, though I think it will be less gear than revised/new contests.

Remote Operations is a hot button, as our ever graying hobby membership move to sheltered living they appreciate the opportunity to stay active remotely. Improved and lower cost technology make this a product class, rather than something special.

Another trend I am predicting is more offerings in the Premium End of the hobby. The retiree’s wealth often allows a Bengali Key and other top-shelf high performance station components.  Thinking we will see more.

The Hamvention itself will be a rewarding chaos. There are concerns with record attendance forecast and limited parking that Xenia & surrounds could become grid-locked.  I’m guessing this is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride as logistics get sorted out.

With only one building Air-Conditioned the 80 degree weather is a bit concerning. Again with the age of many hams this is a wellness as well as comfort issue.


Steve K9ZW

2 thoughts on “Other Hamvention 2017 Predictions

  1. Begali keys aren’t that expensive!

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Dan KB6NU,

      Especially with the relatively strong dollar, Bengali Keys are “affordable prestige!”

      You certainly can get into Morse at a more modest price point (a Bengali Intrepid is roughly $500 vs a Vibroplex Blue Racer at $233, a Bengali Signature is $273 vs a Kent Twin at $165…) but a Bengali is a “Lifetime Tool Grade Product” and just feels good.

      My point was people seem to be looking for that quality and not as happy with a $15-$30 MFJ intro key.



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