When is it too much Monitor for a Shack?

Okay I’m going to admit I may have hit “More is Less” in monitor size.

Swapped the AMD Raedon video card my machine came with, and which was a DOG with all sorts of driver errors, for a NVidia card Winston KC9FVR helped me pick out.  Okay it is a “EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SC GAMING ACX 2.0 Graphics Card 04G-P4-2974-KR” for those of you into that sort of detail.

Pulling the two 22 in monitors and putting in a “Seiki SE42UM 4K Ultra HD LED TV/Monitor” took hardly anytime at all.

Now why Windows 10 would default to a 300% item size, making the screen act like a Jumbotron with 5/8inch high text, well who knows?

Taming the hummingbird sized mouse pointer and other quirks took a couple minutes.

The result:

Flex SmartSDR - Hig Screen Version.

Flex SmartSDR – Big Screen Version

Not so smart…yes there is four times as much screen space, but a lot of the additional is so high above the desk that I’ll end up with a creak in my neck!

I think there might even be different weather up there at the top of the screen!

The screen definitely needs to come down lower.

The amount of real estate showing is impressive.

I’m glad I kept the two other monitors incase I decide to revert back and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I actually bought two of these monster monitors to run side-by-side!!   Guess one can go to the Island QTH.



2 thoughts on “When is it too much Monitor for a Shack?

  1. Anne Dirkman KC9YL says:


  2. Kevin G Shea says:

    I am planning somewhat of a similar setup. Your article is very timely because I am just finishing up my parts list for a new PC build using that graphics card in order to get 4k output. I haven;t selected monitors yet.

    Would love to hear how ti works with having several windows from different programs opened. Also does the waterfall etc. benefit from resolution/speed of the Geforce graphics card.

    Kevin N9JKP

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