Collins K9ZW North Station in QSO

Eventually I intend to move the late Collins setup in this picture to my home QTH and bring up the S-Line separates set up.

This “Round Emblem” combined transceiver with external VFO for split operations is the final itineration of the S-Line series and was sold new in the mid/late 1970s.

K9ZW Collins KWM-2A Station

K9ZW Collins KWM-2A Station

  • KWM-2A transceiver
  • 312B-5 remote VFO and station console
  • 30L-1 amplifier
  • SM-1 microphone
  • Power supply is under bench

The other Collins station I own is a “Winged Emblem” first of the S-Line series with separate receiver/transmitter. That station is a 32S-1 transmitter, 75S-1 receiver, 312B-4 station console, 30L-1 amplifier, separate speaker and a power supply. The receiver/transmitter track each other usually. It dates from 1958 to 1960 from dating the serial numbers.

It has amazed me how many complex cables interface the various units. There are roughly a dozen cables in the KWM-2A station and about five-six more in the twins S-Line one. Many are simple, but some are complex and some are uncommon – things like RF coax with RCA plugs…..

The microphone jack is a military size and I had to source some as spares.

The KWM-2A station got great reports today using a SteppIR CrankIR portable antenna. Even worked some DX.

The audio has that warm friendly tube-amp sort of sound. Got great reports which I have to admit surprised me. I hadn’t expected it as there are so few adjustments possible compared to a modern rig.

I’m not happy with this particular SM-1 microphone and did make most contacts using an Astatic D-104 “lollipop” microphone instead. The SM-1 will go off for service.

I have a good ways to go in learning to use this gear, but as much fun as I had it is worth the study and practice time to get it right.

Made a interesting contrast to this weekends QSOs done with a barefoot Flex-6300 on the same antenna.



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2 thoughts on “Collins K9ZW North Station in QSO

  1. Paul O'Kane says:

    Steve, you have commented previously on Product Review issues with eHam and NA4M. For what it’s worth, here is a record of a recent dispute I’ve had in relation to a review of SD, my HF contest logger. It was, in effect, a customer-service complaint and not a review, but eHam would not acknowledge it as such – until I stood up for my rights.

    You’re welcome to use any of it, or summarize it as you see fit, in your ramblings.

    Paul EI5DI

    • k9zw says:

      eHam has never been able to avoid the problems of this sort. They are slow to cleanse sock puppets, and seem to protect the worst of the online community as a matter of policy.

      They are a private website, claiming control & hence copyright of user posts, yet would like to wash their hands of responsibility for content.

      Unfortunately until the amateur radio dollar is withheld from their advertisers eHam will flourish and a better model will never make it in the small marketplace for ham advertising.

      If you consider eHam only a half-notch above “Bar Stool Talk” it is actually amusing; between the eHam “house trolls” on their rants, and the reviews by non-users, the issues of information bias doesn’t even matter.

      Luckily little on eHam threatens more than a ham’s economics.

      As long as we remember eHam is authority on nothing, is interested in hits over accuracy, and that their idea of fairness includes protection of trolls and other internet scallywags, then it is only annoying. I would never buy anything based on eHam, and make a point to avoid advertisers who fund the eHam nonsense when I have a choice.



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