K9ZW/W9JSB Operations – May 8th/9th (9th in Zulu) Island Operations

Planning SSB 20m & 15m unless band conditions are poor. We’re equipped to do 80-6m if needed.
Usual fall back if bands are to weak for SBB QSOs.
If bad bands we will a switch to digital – most likely PSK31 at the usual calling frequencies.

Tentative schedule (UCT in bold, local time in italics):

  • May 9th – 00:00Z operations at Step-In Island WI039R will likely run 2 hours to 02:00Z (That is actually Friday May 8th Local Time 7PM for the two hours – it will be dark by 8:15 PM +/- and the bar on the island has just gone out of business – <<insert sad face here >>> which also means no outside lights or power to use to extend operations much past dark)
  • Planning to be on The Flats Island WI041R 13:00Z until 16:00Z (Saturday Local Time 8-11AM), then breaking down & meeting Scott W9JSB for Lunch,
  • followed by running from Banta Island WI057R (First Time Activation) 18:00Z to at least 21:00Z (Saturday Local Time 1-4PM). NOTE If rate merits we will run Banta Island longer, since it is a brand new one.

Weather will have a lot of impact of course. We won’t be able to run if it is lightening or raining (and despite a cold cold spring it better not snow again until winter!!)

We have tentative additional operators, but no one has confirmed as of this morning.
W9JSB is bringing his bag of QRP tricks along, and possible may join on Friday night for Step-In Island WI039R operations as well.



BLOG: https://k9zw.wordpress.com
US Islands Program website: http://www.usislands.org

One thought on “K9ZW/W9JSB Operations – May 8th/9th (9th in Zulu) Island Operations

  1. k9zw says:

    Operations ended up a bust, as family didn’t clear when members could have their unexpected surgery with me first ! Will try on another date.



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