Alpha 4040 Tuner someday soon? Alpha 9500 Amp now.

With Ten-Tec and Alpha/RF Concepts merged some good things are happening.

Some of the Amps and Radios have really aggressive sale pricing. Example the Alpha-9500 Amp which had been raised this year to $8,750 is available for $6,995 – a combination of a $755 drop in list price and another $1,000 off in sale pricing. In my case they threw in the plug (usually another $50) and shipping was an affordable $125 for a net $7,120 vs. what would have been $8,925+ before the merger and the summer mega sale.

Amp pricing is also being affected by the pricing jostling between the different manufacturers, and Alpha as a similar hot deal on their manual tune model.

The Ten-Tec radios are also aggressively priced for the sale. Tempting to pick one up as a backup radio…

I’ve read where some hams are worrying that the Alpha Amps might become orphans – a valid consideration if the new merged company gave signs of anything other than success. Right now many of their products went from in-stock/overstocked to short backorder which means they don’t have to move the inventory, their sales are up, and enough of us are ordering to make forward sales positive.

The best news is that the Alpha 4040 Tuner project seems to have been given new life, with announcements that the design is stable, testing (including abusive high power switching testing) has gone well, the form factor has been reduced and stabilized and the processor upgraded. No delivery date yet or confirmation of meeting the price target either, though this latest communication sure is more transparent and encouraging than the silence or limited communications during the long wait.

Good stuff happening.




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5 thoughts on “Alpha 4040 Tuner someday soon? Alpha 9500 Amp now.

  1. Tom Ausitn , Jr K4OTM says:

    Patience is not an unlimited resource. At least RKR needs to communicate on a more frequent schedule as to when the A4040 will start shipping. “Almost and closer” simply pores more gasoline on the fires of frustration. The waiting customer list really does want to know.

    • k9zw says:

      I too was hoping RKR would have a positive statement on the tuner, but then again they just bout the company in the last two months – with real products to produce and in some cases get back into production.

      The field is thin for this class of product, so perhaps it also juts isn’t that easy?



    • k9zw says:

      I was thinking a bit further on this – with no similar product available that matches the Alpha 4040, what choice do we have but to wait?

      And while we wait do they even have to tell us anything? (Or were they speaking to the individual ham at all, as one might suppose they were freshening the marking of their territory in the industry?)




  2. Dave S says:

    Tick tock, if you research the alpha 4040 on the web “it’s been coming” “just around the corner” “shipping soon” and “seen at the Dayton ham show” for years… It looks like the coolest piece of gear ever… I own the Alpha 9500 and think it’s by far the best amp bar none. But the 4040… I’m having doubts given how long “it’s coming soon” has been their tag line. I’ve definitely moved into the column of “if it’s so great why is it taking so long?” Best to wait and let it stay in the market to see how it really works before dropping a few thousand on it. Obviously there is some sort of issue but is it the 4040? The company mergers or what? I’m losing faith. Tick tock, tick tock…

    Dave S

    • k9zw says:

      The new folks have owned the project about 90-100 days now, so perhaps soon we will hear of their intent.

      That they did not delete the 4040’s pages in the website update is the only indication so far.



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