Age Reversed Elmering – Technology Assistance for the Elder Radio Amateurs

Have you noticed the age-inversion of who is elmering who in Amateur Radio?

We joke about having our kids or grandkids program our smartphones (used to be VCRs we wanted help with programing not so long ago) and other technically involved devices.

Well it is happening all across amateur radio – here are some recent examples that came to my attention:

  • A Caribbean based ham contacted me looking for help on the computer side of his Begali CW Machine, which really was more basic PC hardware/software questions (I hooked him up with a Spanish speaking ham for help.)
  • A Florida based ham looking for basic Linux and Raspberry-Pi help – referred him to a couple young techies who helped him out.
  • A midwest based ham looking for networking help who I referred a young 20-somthing to help out this hame with 60+ years in amateur radio.
  • Another area ham looking for PowerSDR help, who are young Flex user stepped in to help.

These are just a few of the recent older-hams need young techie hams to help them out instances I’ve known about.

One of the old timers said this wasn’t much different than his climbing towers for older hams when he was young.

And it is a real opportunity for the younger to “give back” something to the elder.

I know of one instance where a you Tech Licensed ham was helping an older Extra Class ham with computers, and the elder was am to elmer the younger into sitting his General Class as a return for computer help.

It all works!



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