First Impressions of SmartSDR v1.0 General Release

FlexRadio Systems did that StarTrek Transporter thing again, and sent me a brand new radio by software download.

This time it is the first full public release – SmartSDR Version 1.0

I have been testing my Flex-6700 using an aged and clunky old Dell Windows-XP Box – the bottom end of what a use might think of using.  I have a newer SuperMicro Windows-7 Machine ready to use, and will update the station in the next few weeks.

The old hardware/software did give me some minor glitches in this particular upgrade process.  Somehow it caused the radio to duplicate as both ready to go and still needing update in the radio-selector:

SmartSDR Phantom Duplicate Radio

SmartSDR Phantom Duplicate Radio


I could highlight either one, but the obvious need for a full power down and hard reboot of computer and radio fixed everything.

Once all sorted the temptation to “go play” was huge and I quickly worked a handful of DX Stations.  I missed on the Nigerian chap as I never could hear his call sign in the QRM.  Chile, Cuba, Ireland, West Indies, and a handful more.

Really a step up from the SmartSDR Preview Edition and knowing there are many features laid out on the SmartSDR Technology Roadmap means I will be getting another “new radio” by download roughly quarterly for some time to come!

Very impressed with the step-up from the first software I used through the roughly half-dozen versions to this much more polished General Release V1.0

Well done FlexRadio Systems!!



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