Flex-6000 Series General Release Tomorrow

An open-secret if there has ever been one is tomorrow’s (September 30th 2013) general release of production FlexRadio Systems Flex-6000 series radios and software.

Under the SmartSDR Preview Edition program I’ve seen the radio grow and improve leaps and bounds.  The latest SmartSDR Preview Edition software is a couple improvement cycles behind tomorrow’s launch of SmartSDR v 1.0

FlexRadio Systems has a forward roadmap of planned feature release dates out to SmartSDR v1.4

So just like I have received a “new radio” by download every couple of weeks under the SmartSDR Preview Edition program, production software users can expect significant upgrades to their radio roughly quarterly.

To be clear almost every ham will be waiting for features they personally really want – that is the nature of beast.  I will repeat my advice that if a certain specific set of features  are absolute musts for you personally, hold off adding a Flex-6000 until those features are included in the production software.

If you are like me and quite willing to enjoy the development process, dive right in.  I had a blast as my Flex-5000 grew in capabilities in leaps and bounds, and have been enjoying the same with the Flex-6000.

Kudos to FlexRadio Systems for their full production launch and for the fun I’ve personally had with my new radio.



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