K9ZW FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700 Update

All is going well with my new Flex-6700 except one serious thing – lack of operating time on my part.

Family & Work commitments have cut into my operating time during the last few weeks.

When on I have continued to be able to dig out DX from deep into the noise floor.  I am reading all sorts of exceptional numbers on both the public and private project reflectors – numbers which mean very much less to me than the in-use experience of pulling out more DX.

The SmartSDR Preview Edition process is ongoing, though the frequency of trail package updates has briefly slowed.  The Beta team is very busy we hear, so the next update is likely to be pretty soon.As for my shack updates, time constraints have slowed down the process of getting the switch gear in place to do full A-B-C testing.  Truth be known I’ve been putting off moving a large heavy cabinet to make room for the new rack in the shack.  It is going to be a half-day effort, which I may well put off until September.



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One thought on “K9ZW FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700 Update

  1. Larry Springsteen says:

    Hi Steve,
    Lack of time is why I didn’t volunteer to participate. I hope all goes well.

    73, Larry WB8LBZ

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