K9ZW Flex-6700 US Island Activation at WI-001L

As mentioned, George W9EVT is hosting us for a few days on WI-001L Washington Island to let me try the Flex-6700 in an exceptionally RF quiet location with his world class antenna farm.

Everything set up very quick and we’ve been working DX right from start.

I also ran a clean sweep of the 13 Colonies event, including the bonus WM3PEN station. I did do one QSO in the sweep on the IC-7800 as K2H was PSK and RTTY only, and I didn’t bring everything to put the Flex-6700 on digital.

I have filled in some band/mode holes and a couple DX QTHs I hadn’t worked at all.

Did a lot more listening, basically comparing against the IC-7800, with the Flex-6700 showing itself very well!

Will be on periodically for the next several days, depending on what days I need to be home and which I can be up there.

Catch you on the air!



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One thought on “K9ZW Flex-6700 US Island Activation at WI-001L

  1. […] mentioned in K9ZW Flex-6700 US Island Activation at WI-001L while one Washington Island (US Islands WI-001L) with my new (serial number #11) FlexRadio Systems […]

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