SmartSDR Preview Edition Flex-6700 – First Software Update, The Process

As a participant in the SmartSDR Preview Edition program my FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700/GPSDO Transceiver is only days old and an updated SmartSDR Preview Edition release was available.

I want to comment on the slick process.  FlexRadio Systems will certainly have more detailed instructions and description, but basically it worked liked this:

  1. Read the Announcement and the Update Notes
  2. Download the new Software
  3. Start the Installer
  4. Read the Release Notes
  5. Turn on the Radio
  6. Start SmartSDR Preview Edition
  7. Click Update
  8. Watch it all  happen – very quick, with one radio reboot in the process
  9. SmartSDR Preview Edition Notes the Radio is Ready
  10. Use the Radio

Very straight forward and automated.

There is no point in discussing the release content with updates making anything I write obsolete in days.

Enough new features were added in this release that the sound bite I would like to leave you with is “I never expected receive a new radio each simple download!  Like a book of the month club for this radio, on ‘roids!”

Even though I had other things to do, I quickly ran a few QSOs “just to make sure” – at least that is the excuse I gave the better half.

Kudos to FlexRadio System for a slick update system.  Wonder what new radio the next update will bring to my shack?



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