SmartSDR Preview Edition Flex-6700 – First K9ZW QSOs

As a participant in the SmartSDR Preview Edition program my FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700/GPSDO Transceiver arrived and once I unboxed the radio it took all of five minutes to be on the air.

First half-dozen QSOs included a 40 minute ragchew, DX from Egypt and New Zealand, and a brief Flex-6700-to-Flex-6700 contact with Steve AI4QR on 15m!

Steve AI4QR was not only running Flex-6700 Serial Number 8, but his signature as part of the FlexRadio System’s Flex-6000 development team is on the bottom of my radio!!

Addition first half dozen QSOs included:

  • LU7HN on 20m (first Flex-6700 QSO for me – box was still under my feet as I made this QSO)
  • KE4LJH on 20m
  • W5RG on 20m
  • SU9VB on 2m
  • ZL1BD on 17m

Quick initial impression is this radio has a serious receiver – amazing what I did right out of the box with the Preview Edition Software.

No photos will be up until later this week, and this weekend I’ll be working to make the customary 100 QSOs I strive for before making any in depth observations.




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4 thoughts on “SmartSDR Preview Edition Flex-6700 – First K9ZW QSOs

  1. Emil says:

    Hey Steve,

    what about CW & QSK?
    Any tests and feedback will be very nice.
    Thanks and vy best 73
    Emil, de DL8JJ

    • k9zw says:

      Hello Emil DL8JJ

      Nothing to report on CW/QSK.

      First I am a weak CW operator, but most importantly this is SmartSDR Preview Edition which is basically Beta-level software.

      With updates coming so quickly it is not the time to put across tests & comparisons – not at least until production SmartSDR version 1.0 launches.



  2. Emil says:

    Thanks Steve,

    was only basicly question about a CW generaly. How is the first feeling and impresion:)

    cu vy 73

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