FlexRadio Systems releases Flex-6000 Quick Start Guide

If you look in the Downloads area of the FlexRadio Systems website the slowly growing collection of files for the Flex-6000 series grew by two this week – the May issue of FlexInsider became available as a download and the first user manual type document for the Flex-6000 was posted.  A few days after becoming available the Quick Start Guide was also mentioned in official FlexRadio Systems communications.  Guess it pays to keep an eye on the downloads area!

Flex-6000 Quick Start Guide

Flex-6000 Quick Start Guide

FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDR Quick Start Guide
This is the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDR Quick Start Guide (QSG)in PDF format.
Filesize: 2,073,036 bytes

There is also some population of Flex-6000 materials at the HelpDesk area. Most of this is a couple months old and quite consistent with information released as the product develops. Link is:

FLEX Signature Series Amateur Radio Products

This forum is dedicated to the support and troubleshooting assistance for FlexRadio Systems’ FLEX Signature Series amateur radio products


All nice to read.

BTW for those with deposits and radio slots another FlexInsider published. In keeping with FlexRadio System’s request that they release FlexInsiders as a download before it becomes widely available, I’ll just pass on that by all accounts they are making great progress and it looks that more radios will be shipping during the rest of the month.

Various members of the FlexRadio Systems team have been posting on the FlexRadio Systems official reflectors, which you too can read first hand at: http://www.flexradio.com/Support.aspx?topic=Reflector_Description  You can read quite a bit in the archives (use the website drop down menus) if you do not want to subscribe.

Happy Flexing!




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