FlexRadio System – Flex-6000 SmartSDR Initial Features

As I look around the net, including the various FlexRadio focused reflectors & forums I’ve observed a lot of speculation on what will be included in SmartSDR Preview Edition and the initial full release SmartSDR versions.

Some of those posting seem unhappy that the one feature that they hold dear might not be included in the SmartSDR Preview or in the initial SmartSDR versions.

Other post speculation that feature-x either will be included, will not be included, or never will included – all speculative nonsense except where FlexRadio Systems has officially commented.

If you sign up for the FlexRadio Systems official reflectors you will first hand read what FlexRadio Systems’ team posts.

In all honestly some of the posts I’ve read are not in keeping the spirit of amateur radio.

It is worth pointing out that the early adopters are receiving a significant discount for putting up a deposit and for their willingness to receive the product will less than its final feature set. They were also given an extra year of update support.

It isn’t fair to enter into the deal as it was and now complaining. The option to wait for a ham’s new Flex-6×00 until SmartSDR includes someone’s particular critical feature(s) should be considered by those who feel they need certain features.

But the complaining should stop, as it is unfair in respect to the known deal, and it is likely delaying the release to other hams who would enjoy the “new radio with every update” aspect of an improving feature set.

June should be an interesting month with the likely increase in the number of new radios shipped.

Let’s wait and see what features are there, which ones phase in before the first full release and what gets added further along.



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