Insider’s Viewpoint – the Sage Words on FlexRadio Systems FlexInsider eLetters

Every now and again we all need to be reminded what is ours and what is not.  FlexRadio System issued its twelfth FlexInsider today with a reminder that its contents are a targeted communication for early adopters of the Flex-6000 Signature series, and asked that wider distribution be held until FlexRadio Systems  either grants permission, or implied was until they decide to release the contents themselves.

In practice FlexRadio Systems has been making FlexInsider newsletters available as a download a month after the early adopters receive their emailed copies.

Makes a lot of sense, and With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings is onboard with the request.

Greatly paraphrased FlexRadio Systems FlexInsider #12 relays that progress continues on the remaining pieces of the product package for the SmartSDR Preview Edition releases.

When my radio is ready, well then it is ready.

What is included in the Smart SDR Preview, and later SmartSDR v1.0 is a-okay with me.  It isn’t like I am building or programing this radio!

I am preparing my radio room for the addition – actually I am doing a major overhaul/upgrade triggered by the new radio, but in honesty well overdue.

This week I did learn an interesting thing – my Flex-6500 order was in the first handful – something like the 4th order placed – kind of hard to tell.  It is at least in the first handful entered online.  My order since has been upgraded along the way to a Flex-6700 w/GPSDO.  FlexRadio Systems did say the upgrade wouldn’t interfere with my early delivery slot.

One can only imagine what it is like at FlexRadio Systems right now – the impending launch of a major product could be likened to childbirth one could suppose.  Must be amazing times!

If as customers we are pumped and excited, imagine what it must be like at the plant?!

Guess I better get my shack project sorted out, and get ready!



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