Boomset Upgrade – Arlan RadioSport RS60CF Headset

RadioSport RS60CF Headset

RadioSport RS60CF Headset

One item I noticed at the Dayton Hamvention but was unable to buy there was the Arlan Communications RadioSport RS60CF Headset and related listen only headphones.

Several manufacturers were using the listen only version to demonstrate their radios.

I’d also recently read Stu K6TU’s account of how much he liked his new RS60CF.

Alas a search of the Hara from end to end didn’t find anyone selling the RadioSport headsets.

But they are featured on line:

These are in the same price range as a moderate to good basic aviation boomset, putting a a setup in the $350 price range.

Initial impression out of the box is these are above expectations and hugely comfortable.

I’ll post a report after I get some hours in using the RS60CFs.



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2 thoughts on “Boomset Upgrade – Arlan RadioSport RS60CF Headset

  1. Peter says:

    So, do you like them? Are they worth the price? How do they compare to other similar boom headsets? Thanks.

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Pete

      I quite like these. They are more comfortable than a set of David-Clarks or Peltors, and both sound & are built better than the Heil sets I have.

      No problem wearing these for extended periods.

      As I am usually pinched by most headsets, these are well worth the price for my use.



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