K9ZW 2013 Tower Repair Service List

When a complex project is undertaken, I find it a huge benefit to do a sort of checklist.

This way I get my thoughts down on paper and can mark off tasks as they are accomplished.

Linked as a pdf is my Summer 2013 Tower & Antenna Repair-Service List: K9ZW 2013 Tower Repair Service List

Once complete this part of my station should be in good shape for a few years.



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3 thoughts on “K9ZW 2013 Tower Repair Service List

  1. k9zw says:

    Day – One

      Tower lowed and Tilted Over
      Scaffold Set up
      T-28 Inspected
      T-8 Inspected, SlippNott Upgrade Completed
      Rotor Inspected, Decided to not swap out, SlippNott Upgrade Completed
      Old Limit Switches Inspected, Unserviceable, so removed
      Made New Spreaders and Four Coats of Outdoor Duck-Boat Paint
      Installed New Spreaders
      Inspected Tower, Cables, Physical Feed/Rotor drops and connections accessible only when tower is tilted over
      Checked and Torqued
      Prepared for Half-Sloper Physical Repair

    Quite a bit done first day. Hope to wrap up the tower part and re-erect the tower early tomorrow.



  2. k9zw says:

    Day – Two

    Second Day’s Efforts were truncated sharply by social commitments. Still got a fair number of tasks done.

      Complete Half-Sloper repairs
      Worked on Cable Stand-Offs adjusting them and doing a new “gate” cable hold-in on each
      Adjusted Coax Drops attachment to recreate the rotor turn loops that I hadn’t spotted from the ground when doing my task list

    The fabulous picnic party we attended extended prohibiting a second session on Day Two, so the tower re-erection is a Day Three task.



  3. k9zw says:

    Day – Three

    Tower is back up and in operation.

    A few glitches to work out. The amount of lateral pull to pull the drop cables out of the stand-offs is too low and one came out from ham-fisted (pun intended) handling.

    The Half Sloper has a twist in it – will see if gentle persuasion sorts it out.

    Made quite a few contacts on 40, 20, 17 15 and 12m but missed my usual 160m net. Tomorrow I’ll try that.

    Overall list is better than 60%.



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