Flex-6000 SmartSDR – Beta Release, to First Release, to Full Package


Please note!  Additional Information:

FlexRadio Systems has just  announced what I’ve called SmartSDR Beta Release will formally be known as SmartSDR Preview.

The SmartSDR Initial Release is being called SmartSDR v1.0.

I’ll use their naming convention in future writings.

A few additional features FlexRadio Systems has announced as planned for the first full release update SmartSDR v1.1 have been added to my article below in italics.


If you read the various forums and reflectors some hams are having a difficulty with the concept that SmartSDR will have an increasing feature set program with various features being added by distinct milestones and many other features rolling out as they are ready.

Details on the SmartSDR Beta Release are that it will be the basic radio with full transceiver functionality.

The SmartSDR Beta Release is expected to have one-half of the final number of Panadapters (4 for the Flex-6700) though they will be much larger bandwidth (14 Mhz vs the pre-production specification of 384kHz).

There will be no remote facility in the SmartSDR Beta Release, nor will it have Waterfalls.

The SmartSDR Beta Release is likely to be short the other digital mode settings as well.

When the SmartSDR Beta Release gives way to the SmartSDR Initial Release additional features will start to roll out as available.

The SmartSDR Initial Release will likely follow the Beta by a month or two.  Limited on the same router remoting is expected in the SmartSDR Initial Release.

The clock for paid SmartSDR support starts with the SmartSDR Initial Release.

SmartSDR Release Updates will in a series of steps add:

  • Greater Remoting Capabilities
  • More Panadapters
  • More Modes
  • Waterfalls/Panadapter
  • Tracking Notch Filter
  • FM Mode
  • Many other features, tweaks, fixes and options.

As a milestone FlexRadio Systems has promised the Waterfalls during the first paid support period (the one that included in your purchase).

The additional Panadapters were also scheduled for an early implementation.

Features not publicly put on any timeline, but discussed include:

  • Tablet/SmartDevice Control
  • Dedicated I/O Unit for use with remoting
  • Onboard digital mode processing
  • Wide Area Remoting
  • Slice Sharing
  • Radio Datastream Combining and Processing

Some features, like a dedicated Contesting Module, are likely to be purchased add-ons by either third-party developers or FlexRadio Systems.

To be clear the radio will continue to work with the most current version of SmartSDR if an owner chooses not to subscribe, and to receive the features/enhancement upgrades a SmartSDR user will need to either be a subscriber or purchase a one-off upgrade.

The specialty add-on packages will be at additional cost.

With FlexRadio Systems licensing access to SmartSDR and the Radio itself’s APIs you will eventually have opportunities to purchase third-party software.

And to dwell on the point and repeat it – the feature set of SmartSDR in Beta and in Initial Release will be less than the feature set 6, 12, 18 and 24 months from now.

If missing one of the phase in items is a deal breaker for a ham, they could ask for their order to be pushed back until their needs would be met.

For my part I think SmartSDR will bring so many opportunities and features that I’m happy to start with the early software.  YMMV



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