FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700’s Major Announcement – Soup’s On!

FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700/6500 radios will start shipping within six weeks of Dayton.

In a major communication Gerald Youngblood K5SDR  updates those with deposits on the project status.

The hardware is done.

Production software is not.

With the GUI SmartSDR out on the thin-client the updating procedure module is to be finished.

They are recruiting a limited number of  Flex-6700 Software Beta testers who will receive their radios shortly.

I of course have volunteered.

The panadapter module is also being tweaked.

Original commitment was eight slices at 384 kHz for a 3.1 Mhz combined panadapter coverage.

Current implementation is four slices at a whopping 14 Mhz – each!!

This 56 Mhz ( an 18 fold bonus beyond the spec) capability is being reworked into a eight slice configuration.  (Four for the 6500).

Gerald K5SDR’s communication provided a lot more information, and a commitment to weekly FlexInsiders starting end of May.

FlexRadio Systems will have four running demonstration units (unfortunately into dummy loads) and a live station in the Ecomm van at Dayton to give customers a hands on feel for the new radios and software, along with 16 of their staff being at the show.

Soup’s On!  Almost ready to serve too!



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