SmartSDR and Flex-6700’s missing link “The Connector”

There have been some very interesting discussions about SmartSDR and the new FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700/6500 radios.

One of the concepts that is becoming clearer is how the architecture is designed – the radio has a “connector” linking software bit between it and the GUI SmartSDR out on the thin-client.

From a Flex-6700 Alpha/Beta tester answering a concern that the links were not in activated for the N6V special event at the recent DX Convention:

Tue, 7 May 2013 13:52:04 +0000
From: Stu Phillips K6TU
Subject: Re: [FlexEdge] FlexRadio 6700 at Visalia IDXC 2013

Key extract from my post:

Some things to keep in mind?  this was alpha level software ?

AND it was 3+ weeks ago.  The world moves a lot in 3 weeks and so does
software development – if you haven’t experienced the productivity and
development rate of modern software teams, a) your missing out on a great
experience and b) you don’t have a frame of reference.

There was a MIC gain control and it was used to set the MIC level – but it
was externalized by the client (SmartSDR).

Unlike PowerSDR where all the UI and DSP software are combined in one
piece of software, SmartSDR is a THIN client – its basically a user

All the DSP functionality runs on a dedicated processor within the radio

So you have three key elements.
– Functionality (like Mic Gain) in the radio
– A connector to allow that to be driven over the Ethernet
– A control on the user interface to provide end user control

For Visalia, the piece that was “missing” was the connector.

It was a simple matter to add it but changing the spark plugs on the car
the night before the race is ill-advised.

Oh, BTW, the connector appeared the day after Convention.

Stu K6TU

On 5/7/13 5:48 AM, “radioart” wrote:

Boy, sounds like the SmartSDR has a long way to go if it doesn’t even
have mic gain or EQ capability….

Dennis K7EOO

Very selnsible that FlexRadio Systems used a level of software that was a known good deal at the demo station, even it meant that the controls were partially in software other than SmartSDR.

And it was great to hear the missing pieces were adding in within days of that show.



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