K6TU Recounts the FlexRadio Flex-6700 experience at N6V

Flex-6700 N6V Demonstration Block Chart

Flex-6700 N6V Demonstration Block Chart

As promised the first hand reports start, with some very favorable impressions made by this new radio:

I’ve used every major brand of radio in the 40 years I’ve been licensed and a large number of commercial service radios well beyond my check book.

The 6700 is the best receiver I have ever used.

Now that is a powerful statement – the FlexRadio System Flex-6700 evaluated as the best receiver K6TU has used in 40 years of amateur and professional experience regardless of receiver costs.

The filters perform! You can pull signals out of a busy band that are really weak – even when parked next to a very strong station.

It’s not “just” the filters, it’s also about dynamic range.

FlexRadio hasn’t released the dynamic range figure for the 6700 yet but from real world listening, it’s good – very good. As an engineer and VC I deal with quantifiable objectives – so you may have some idea about how much it pains me to make a qualitative statement.

The 6700 is simply the clearest radio I’ve heard.

As they say if you can hear them, you can work them. If the net result is the Flex-6700 hears better it will work others better.

Full K6TU Report at:  EtherGeist: FlexRadio 6700 experience at N6V

After reading the report I am certain the wait many of us are making for this new radio sure sounds like it will be well worth our patience.



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One thought on “K6TU Recounts the FlexRadio Flex-6700 experience at N6V

  1. Elan G0UUT says:

    hi nice stetment i used to have two of the flex 5000a with all option for some years all sold now . how it the power 100w can you see it
    on all band since on the flex 5000a from 160m it was 101w then start to go down on 20m i got 98w on 17m i got 85w so on it was the same on the 2nd flex i had . i wonder if the same issue on the 6700
    test it with power master let me know your output please .

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