FlexRadio Systems new Flex-6000 Radio Owners Reports Start Coming In

Flex-6000s in Production 1

Flex-6000s in Production

Our first FLEX-6000 ships while proud parents look on.

The first Production FLEX-6000 ships while the FlexRadio System team watches.

With  the first production radios delivered, as would be expected FlexRadio System’s new owners will be speaking out about their experiences.

As posted to the Flex Reflectors:

Revelations of a secret 6700 alpha tester

The rumors have been out for a while that a few (incredibly lucky) folks have been alpha testing the FlexRadio Systems 6700.

With production shipments underway, I can confirm this is true.

I am one of 6700 alpha testers.

I also write a blog about my ham radio activities which has been silent for a while as I’ve been testing the 6700.

BUT NO LONGER! Over the next few weeks I will be posting my experiences and real world operating practices with the 6700. You can find the first of these posts at:


The next one will be towards the end of this coming weekend and will share the experiences of building the first FlexRadio 6700 demonstration station which was in use at this years International DX Convention in Visalia.

With production unit in hand, I’m pretty busy so please excuse me if I don’t jump into discussions on the reflector ? I’ll be earwigging on the side!

73 and CU on the air!
Stu K6TU

Mandatory Disclosure: I do not speak for FlexRadio Systems; I am an unpaid advisor/consultant and receive no compensation from FlexRadio Systems. In fact, I pay for the privilege including my own expenses. All views (including errors, mistakes etc) are all mine and FlexRadio Systems doesn’t have editorial review of what I write. So have at it! :-)

Expect that FlexRadio Systems is putting an extra coat of wax shining my new radio up before they ship it (smile!).



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