What Temperatures are your HF Rig and HT rated for?

Noticing a general relaxing of the temperature range for field HF gear and HT’s.

My SGC SG-2020 is rated for -22F to +158F for an operating temperature range.  The storage range is not specified.

Current HTs typically offer -4F to +140F operating ranges.

But the most current HF radios by several manufacturers quote a +14F to +140F operating range.

One is using the “human comfort zone” of +32F to +122F as their operating range.

In the Boat Anchor Days rigs typically offered  -4F to +140F operating ranges, a few with +32F  to +122F (remember temperature is a difficulty with frequency drift) and the most robust offering storage ranges of -85F to +212F with operating ranges of -40F to +185F

Basically amateur radio gear manufacturers seem to be settling back to a consumer grade design level for operating temperature ranges, rather than the former MilSpec type temperature design ranges.

Whether it is the modern displays or the internal components (with HTs one suspects the battery packs may be temperature limited) or some other reason, currently sold gear has a narrower guaranteed operating temperature range than some older gear.

Now I know I have pushed the envelope – I’ve had HF gear out to play in sub-zero weather (one that was only rated for freezing) and all was 100% a-okay.  Not tested or guaranteed, but I made QSOs.

Yet I don’t see a 2m mobile or HT that would be “snowmobile-grade” being made anymore….

So what is your HF rig and HT rated for?



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