Phone Virus Scam Spearphishing for Radio Amateurs?

Phone Virus Scam Spearphishing for Radio Amateurs?

Have received several phone calls from overseas numbers in an obvious scam.

The callers have such heavy accents that they sound like characters from an old-style Saturday Night Live skit. You can hear the other central Asians on their scam phone calls in the boiler room’s ambient noise.

Call number is unrecognized and likely an VoIP call into the USA system somewhere.

The call’s script starts with “Do you have a Windows computer, as we can see it has a virus…” which unfortunately comes out as “Du yew abb ah Whin-Dooze Come-pew-tur…” in the heavy accent.

Thought I wanted to say “No ‘Peggy’ we are religious fundamentals who are not allowed computers” I instead allowed one of the many callers to speak a bit more – they wanted me to go to my computer so I could download a fix they would sell me…..

When I asked the lady would this work on my MacBook, she started apologizing “no no ongeley whin-dooze come-pew-tur wurk sore-ee sor-ee.”

It wasn’t until we received the fifth of these pesty calls and I started asking around if anyone else I knew was getting them that I discovered the only people how I knew who had said they were called were fellow hams.

Now correlation does not equal causation – meaning just because I hear from other hams that they have received these calls doesn’t make it a sure thing that the calls are targeting hams.

But it does seem like Spearphishing (a type of phishing targeting a specific victim) with a phone and computer joint attack scheme.

There is no way some Indian firm knows if my local machine has a program on it – heck they were only guessing we had a computer in the first place and were making a second guess as to what operating system we were running.

That a number of hams seem to be reporting receiving the calls suggests that as hams we’re in the target group for this attack.

Have you been called?



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