2012 CQ WW DX SSB – K9ZW’s Log Analysis Report (now this is cool reporting!)

Just received an email with links to my log analysis for the 2012 CQ WW DX SSB Contest. I did get four hours on during the contest in October:  https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/casual-contesting-2012-cq-ssb-ww/

The report provided is an amazing analysis and the CQ WW DX team has really provided some useful feedback.

In my case a few errors cost me nearly one out of five points claimed.

The summary is:

153 Claimed QSO before checking (does not include duplicates)
144 Final QSO after checking reductions

398 Claimed QSO points
330 Final QSO points

84 Claimed countries
81 Final countries

42 Claimed zones
42 Final zones

126 Claimed mults
123 Final mults

50148 Claimed score
40590 Final score

19.1% Score reduction

4 (2.6%) calls copied incorrectly
0 (0.0%) exchanges copied incorrectly
0 (0.0%) band change violations
5 (3.3%) not in log
0 (0.0%) duplicates (Removed without penalty
0 (0.0%) calls unique to this log only (not removed)

Here is a link to a pdf of the entire report analyzing my submitted log: 2012 CQ WWDX K9ZW Log Analysis Report

Even in my casual style of operations for this last CQ WW DX SSB Contest I could have improved if I was certain my call was logged by the other station correctly and if I was a bit more careful in my logging.

Really appreciate the fine analysis!



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