The Juicy/Skinny on what a Flex-6000 will be doing in my Shack.

The Juicy/Skinny on what a Flex-6000 might be doing in my shack!

There is no doubt that the SmartSDR/Flex-6000 combination looks to be the most sophisticated and capable amateur radio receiver on the market,

At the Flex-65000 level it looks to better than a cluster of FOUR Flex-5000s by some distance. You can double that up for the Flex-6700 series.

Here is what I am envisioning:

On power up I’d have the Flex-6000 present panadapters and slices covering the DX windows on my favorite bands. In one burst I would have a good idea what is happening, what bands are active, and what conditions generally are like.

Then I would swing into an operating mode based on the goals at that time.

Being able to watch and listen to a lot of differing band segments in an organized fashion should really be an edge chasing DX and contesting.

I can tell you that on leisurely nets I’ll have an eye on other bands, and may QSY to catch something rare while the net does its rounds.

Then when it comes to digital, I expect to sample several bands and pump them into a decoder. Working out the process, as it may be easier to combine audio streams and examine the combo-stream, or perhaps run several instances of digital software.

Oh did I mention that I am expecting to do much of my operating from my home office desk. Looking into a gigabyte network upgrade at home, which would take much operating time out of the ham shack and into the main house. Come summer I’ll operate from my outside veranda – sweet!

Later when NAT traversal is available I expect to do some operating from my office – DX lunch hours here we come!

I’m expecting to put one SCU (spectrum capture unit) on one antenna and the other on another antenna, sort of junior diversity reception and if the polarization differs on the two antennas some propagation diagnostics as well.

What will you do with your Flex-6000?



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2 thoughts on “The Juicy/Skinny on what a Flex-6000 will be doing in my Shack.

  1. Bill Spencer W4EY says:

    Has there been any FLEX 6000 series radio’s delivered? Still
    waiting on my 6500..

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Bill W4EY

      Only what was in the latest FlexInsider which spoke of Q2 2013.

      Was told that individuals will get a two week head’s up that they are coming up for shipment.

      Hard to have patience when eager & excited for me!



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