Thoughts on the new FlexRadio Systems SmartSDR Slices Video

I’d posted the latest FlexRadio Systems SmartSDR video in my post:

Direct link to the YouTube video is also available at:

After watching the video a few times it certainly pumps a person up – the potential being scratched at in the video is impressive.

There is no doubt this new series looks to be significantly ahead of other commercial Amateur Radio gear, and ahead of the few boutique SDR products that have popped up for the technically inclined.

I’m hoping that one will have a “Slices/Panadapters Memory” provision, where SmartSDR will open to a power-on prefered configuration and where I could store configurations for my typical activities.

Say an evening 160m HF net configuration, a SSB Contesting configuration, a Wisconsin QSO Party configuration, a DX search & pounce configuration, an SO2R/3R/…/8R run configuration, a Digital Mode Configuration, a quasi-reverse beacon propagation study configuration, and so on….

Then the power of what you can do in each of the slices and panadapters – wow!

This will be like having a stack of Flex-5000’s on steroids all configured in a hive-like organic configuration.

There really looks to be some horsepower available!

Withe critical graphic presentation meaning so much to the new SmartSDR software, I am going to look into a new gaming level computer based on the FlexRadio Systems Flex-6000 Computer Selection Knowledge-Base article.

Or perhaps I will hold out for native OS-X (my preference) and Linux SmartSDR clients and solider on with the XP-Pro machine I am using for my Flex-5000A





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One thought on “Thoughts on the new FlexRadio Systems SmartSDR Slices Video

  1. Mike VE3WDM says:

    Steve the new rig looks great and you are so right checking out the videos sure does spur one on!! This company has come a long way to change the thinking of hams from knobs to mouse. This is the new rig on the horizon I will say the new setup is steep but for the money you do get lots of bells and whistles. Do keep us posted as you more along the PowerSDR road!!

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