Social Commentary – How my License saves me from my Pirate Transceiver’s dark side


I have a fairly powerful radio station – An SDR Radio that in theory can be made to do about anything with the right programing, a powerful HF amplifier, decent antennas and all the stuff to make up a simply ace Pirate Station.

I’ve some backup transmitters/transceivers and amplifiers that also certainly will do the Pirate Station trick.

A bit of tweaking of the knobs and software, feed in canned music & commentary, and my station could be Pirating.

Those transmitters/transceivers and amplifiers are simply ready to break the law.

Yet they never do.


Because having all the characteristics and technical performance to go Pirate – all the physical parts to be a Pirate the station never goes Pirate.

I mean they have all the capability – All the Stuff is there.

Why do they never go Pirate?

Must be that FCC license – is it that slip of paper framed on the wall that does it?

No doubt about, the gear has potential Pirate all over it.

So why doesn’t it go Pirate?

Why don’t I have a shudder each time I look at it?

Why isn’t the government fanning public opinion of non-hams to restrict these “Pirate Tools?”

What about those renegade hams who have the huge ex-radio station transmitters?

Where is the call to register them with the state, the demand that non-authorized frequencies/power-settings be locked-out and maybe even background checks?

Ok, by now you have a clear idea where I am going – we don’t worry about the hardware, as it is the operator of the equipment who would be the Pirate, not the equipment.

Socially we’ve kept the distinction between criminal actions and the criminal’s tools of Pirating in terms of radios.

We’ve somehow let the media and government introduce a hysteria over another of my hobby interests – shooting and firearms – that lacks the same common sense separation of inanimate objects and active criminal.

As an outdoorsman and shooting sports enthusiast I have no fear of my sporting clays gun when I open my safe. It isn’t going to jump out and get me!

Nor is my my AR-15 – which BTW I bought from a Police Office when he decided to upgrade – going to jump out and do me any harm!

Or that Nine Millimeter Pistol – which I use to shoot with the local Deputies at their range – any threat to me.

Now I (ME) could be threat, if I violated gun safety rules.

Over the Holidays I watch some of the Star Wars movies again. Since then I’ve seen a great poster where the difference between evil and inanimate objects is succinctly put “No one ever blames the Lightsaber!”

Socially we need to focus on the cause of gun violence, that is the criminals – and leave Joe Citizen and his property alone.




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