Flex-Radio releases a YouTube Video of SmartSDR running on a Flex-6700

You can see the new SmartSDR running on a Flex-6700 at filmed at K5FRS, the Flex-Radio in-house club station:

This thing looks so cool! Check out the panadapter and how you can see “way into” the signals!

Flex-Radio is saying “soon, but not until it is ready” on deliveries. That’s ok by me as I do want to put such a bundle of technology to good use when it arrives.

After re-watching the video it is certainly going to be a technologist’s feast of features, capabilities and options with the new series. Very cool!



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8 thoughts on “Flex-Radio releases a YouTube Video of SmartSDR running on a Flex-6700

  1. Kuby N6JSX/8 says:

    First – how much for this improved toy? Will commoners be able to afford such a luxury TXR?….

    2nd – recommend that the freq bar/window (14.025) allow screen sizing so it could be stretched to fill in the top of the view window (above 50db few if any signals got that strong) need to think about old farts and their eye sight… Also it looks like it was in red [TX ] but it was RX’ing – confusing bar graphic?

    3rd – can this pan view be changed to a waterfall view with color for intensity? Can Flex auto ID the digi-mode to help ID signals allowing fast changing to OP that signal?

    4th – for all this zooming they may consider using defined those extra mouse/joystick/track-ball buttons to keep all the pointer movements minimized. Also it would be nice to see a the freq of where the pointer is until you click and drag the RX to it. And add direct freq input and/or up/dwn arrow next to the bar freq readout to move the RX.

    • k9zw says:

      This is the first we’ve seen SmartSDR run, so no answers.

      And no, if you have to ask your XYL you are not going to get one!

      The hardware is in the $5000-$8000 range depending on options, and the software is a $200/year optional update service (first year included).

    • Mike Hasenfratz says:

      As Steve mentioned, your XYL will say no, so do what I did, get the funds from outside the household accounts; sell some garage junk, etc… Also, the $8K+ price tag is about 60% of a couple of other ham rigs. Additionally, you don’t have to go nuts, like me, and order the Flex6700, GPSDO, Flex Control, and an additional year of support.

      One more thing. The $200is not a per year cost, if you don’t need it. Most of us will only upgrade every few years. Flex said that the update will include all of the current changes and fixes; so, get it if you like it, don’t, if not.

      Now, whether Flex will send BUG fixes for free, is what is at question. Even if not, it may be one you can live with, for a while or until a new feature you want comes out.

      73’s de Mike WA6FXT

      • Walt (KZ1F) says:

        Good news on the pay for support if you need it, or want the upgrade. However…this stuff is made in the USA so $200/year is small, buying US made stuff priceless. Spend $200/year and keep their dev team in Austin, not Bangalore or China.
        I think the $7,000 6700 is great if your main interest is multi-multi contesting where you can have 7 others concurrently running on your rig. The $4,000 6500 would still allow 3 others to share but not do diversity reception. Personally I think diversity reception is nice but not $3,000 nice. I would NOT expect them to fix bugs for free. I’ve been in software development for over 40 years and support is expensive, that is the $200/yr which is quite inexpensive.
        73, Walt KZ1F

    • Kuby N6JSX says:

      A missed point: how will DX Cluster work with this 6700 Rolls-Royce in pointing out contacts on the band screen? Plenty of scree space to be used!

      • k9zw says:

        It will be interesting to see how amateur configure their station computers to deal with limited resroucses, like screen space.

        With the Flex-5000A running PowerSDR many of us moved to dual screen set-ups to give enough screen-space to handle the UI of numerous open programs.

        Expecting to carry on with one screen given over to SmartSDR (the new Flex-6000 client) and the other for all my other ham programs.

        With SmartSDR in theory being less hardware intensive that PowerSDR, local system perforamce shoudl be noticably snappier! Neat!



  2. Walt (KZ1F) says:

    The red TX just means that is the VFO you will be transmitting on. If you run split, there will be two of those frequency boxes, one TX in red the other not colored.

    I got the flex control with my 1500, while I wait for the 6500 this spring.
    Even on the 6500, the frequency drift is so incredibly small, it is not clear the GPSDO adds much value, but I am willing to have my mind changed on that…

    Will that UI work on the 1500 as well? I thought the 6000 would run through a browser to be OS agnostic (not require Windows).

    73, Walt KZ1F

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