Forward Ponderings – What are Your 2013 Amateur Radio Goals?

What do you in mind for yourself for Amateur Radio in 2013?

What projects?

What different/new gear?

Any travel operations?

Any personal targets for contests, QSOs, nets, good rag chew contacts, Volunteer Exam participation, Club participation or??

I’ll have a short series on what I’ve got planned for the K9ZW Shack and my operations for 2013 that will start posting in the next few days.



2 thoughts on “Forward Ponderings – What are Your 2013 Amateur Radio Goals?

  1. tom4jean says:

    My number one goal this year is to learn CW and start using it on the air. I am about half way through the alphabet and numbers using Yes, I am a “no code” licencee but have always wanted to learn and use CW since before I was a ham. 73, Tom K2BEW

    • Lane DeNune n8aft says:

      Hi Tom ; I am glad to have been able to finally learn Morse and am now on the air with it daily.There are many hams willing to QRS and work newbies like us.Jump in, the water’s fine.I find a safe haven for beginner’s is 7110 to 7120 for calling CQ.Take your time as we are patient.Quick in and out QSO’s are fine to start with,RST, QTH, name and weather are subject matter.You’ll learn a lot just listening on the air as the sending is a different pace than the tutors go. 73 from Lane de n8aft.

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