Christmas Wishes from K9ZW

Wishing each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas, with all the blessings of the season.

Radio was on last night with an excellent 160m roundtable with Steve N9LOH, Mike KD9TZ, Bill WB8AGR and Bob W9RCK.  An excellent mix of discussing family, church, digital modes, future plans and all of the great things we share in a roundtable discussion.  Was so caught up in catching up with everyone, and learning a bit too, that in no time at all an easy hour of multi-way QSOs had sped by – thank you gents!

As I type this quick note I’ve already been this morning to see eight friends to share a pre-Christmas cup of coffee and good wishes, made the first of my visits to friends who with health & winter weather are somewhat “shut ins” taking a good friend a supply of organic fruit (he is on a health kick, good man!), and now I am typing as I look out into a day filled with light snow with that lovely Holiday Feel.

Will have to decide if we will attend service tonight or in the morning – the weather will guide us on that.

All the best to each of you, may your radio and life endeavors meet with success, and bless you,



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