Interesting Article – “What’s all this Multiple Bandscope Stuff, Anyhow?” by Roger W3SZ

A tip of the hat to Jeff KE9V for bringing attention to the Cheese Bits ham radio club newsletter – and the first first issue I looked at from Jeff’s suggestion turns out ot have a nice article on ”What’s all this Multiple ”What’s all this Multiple Bandscope Stuff, Anyhow?” by Roger W3SZ.

Cheese Bits - Vol 53 No 12 HeadersCheese Bits - Vol 53 No 12 Header

Cheese Bits –  Click on Image for Archive Link

The article starts on page three:

I couldn’t agree more with Roger W3SZ on using multiple bandscopes, though I am not on many of the bands he covers.

Same idea in regards to the “slices” featured with the upcoming Flex-6000 series.

A thank you to Jeff KE9V for the great suggestion.

Complements on a nice write up – well done Roger W3SZ, and well done Cheese Bits!



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One thought on “Interesting Article – “What’s all this Multiple Bandscope Stuff, Anyhow?” by Roger W3SZ

  1. Salvo says:

    Hi Steve.
    I basically agree with the presented paper. But I would still note that there are some more great use of any bandmap/s space/s. Out of having different bandscopes, with different bandwidths, with different color palettes with different zoming or with different “any other parameters” that could be differentiate to gain the visual knowledge of what’s going on (that’s what I understood from the paer), I would remark one pity thing … we don’t have any real stamps on today bandscopes of what’s other data may tell us.
    My view is about Digital Contesting, i.e. RTTY, or even DX hunting and catching. All Real Time events. A real bandscope for HF should be integrable, by example, with DX Cluster information and CW/RTTY/PSK skimmers at last. With any personalization and filtering criteria that might have common sense for each case of.
    By now we are still using bandscopes almost as holes in a door, more holes for more global image is to be seen it’s OK. But still there is not any integration of a lot of “telemetry” data where ours eyes are or should be as by the proposed article.
    We have several other data sources of information (and crap), but we need to shuffle each time we need one of those into all the screens/application that jealously show data … This in turn mean that we have to put all together by our brain, as eyes could see just from an hole at a time, frame by frame. Thus making any “final” picture loosing time and concentration.
    I wonder when some more data, operational or not, could be integrated where our main focus will be into a sort of HUD bandscope. Call me silly but it seems to me that as for today we have enough loose pieces of data coming out from application that still, end of 2012, doesn’t fit all together where the action is and will be more and more times into the bandscope/s.

    Sorry if mine Italian English sound unclear, hope not, but I know myself HI. Let me know how I could make more sounding.

    Season greetings to you and all the readers here.

    73 de iw1ayd Salvo

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