K9ZW 2012 Radio Year Wind-Down

Only a few more weeks left in 2012 and K9ZW is in too few logs for the year.  Operating time has come in bursts, varying with work load and free time.  Afraid I’ve only put few couple thousand QSOs in the log this year – a pretty weak showing.

With the station upgraded to the Expert SPE 1KW Amp and the Palstar AT-Auto Tuner, the present Flex-5000A based station will be pretty much it for daily operations until the Flex-6000’s are out.

The present station set up here is:

Main Station

  • Radio – Flex-5000A RX2/ATU version and FlexControl
  • Amp – SPE Expert 1KW
  • Amp Interface – AmpKeyer Unit
  • Tuner – Palstar AT-Auto
  • Computer – Dell WinXP box with a commercial serial port expansion unit
  • Monitors – Dual Dell 22in flat screens
  • Rotor Control – Green Heron
  • Rotor – Ham-IV
  • Tower – TriEx-54
  • Watt/SWR Meter – PowerMaster by Array Solutions
  • Antenna Switch – RtaPak-6N by Array Solutions
  • Keyer/Trainer – Bengali CW-Machine
  • Key – Kent Iambic
  • Microphone – Yaesu MD-200A8X
  • 160-40m Antenna – W9INN Half-Sloper
  • 20-10m Antenna – Tennadyne T-8
  • 6m-1.3gHz Antenna – Tennadyne T-28c
  • Frequency Reference/Source – Ex-Cellular Phone Repeater unit (commercial)
  • Most Coax – Bury-Flex
  • Jumpers – Mostly SuperFlex factory units
  • Power Supplies – several TenTec/Astron

Vintage Station

  • Colins S-Line setup (32S1/75S1/30L1/PowerSupply/Speaker/Station-Control)
  • Swan 200/PowerSupply w/Dentron GLA-1000 & SuperTuner
  • Several Boat Anchor receivers

Then there is some spare gear (I am convinced gear “breeds” in the dark….) – enough to put together a replacement station (mostly TenTec).

A couple VHF/UHF rigs and HT’s mostly rounds out the inventory, unless one includes some of those unplanned additions like the older TenTec Paragon II and some other old rigs that just showed up to stay…..

Should keep me busy for a good long time….



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