Flex-6000 Architecture Explained – Steve Hicks N5AC Presentation

An excellent presentation on the new Flex-6000 Signature Series by Steve Hicks N5AC, Vice President Engineering, Flex Radio Systems as filmed by HamRadioNow.

Direct Link to the YouTube Flex-6000 Presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCdxAmMsoC4

This Autumn 2012 presentation touches on the vast potential the new Flex-6000 Radio Series will offer. Some interesting tidbits that come out in the presentation are:

  • Internally the Flex-6000 series will use a form of Linux
  • Many of the components of the Flex-6000 have been in Government Flex Radio products for years
  • Flex Radio was an advance recipient of some of the hardware chips, in some cases a year ahead of market
  • Confirmed is the first release of PowerSDR will be local network (not “remote”), which had been previsouly announced
  • Protecting use from ourselves from third-party programming issues in a fully open software architecture is an issue Flex Radio is still working through

Every Q & A session something neat things come up – at this presentation the idea of other internet users “listening in” to a Flex-6000 QSO in progress over the internet was brought up. Another cool idea!



(Note – Retroactively I’m introducing a Flex-6000 Category for readers to search this blog archives.  Will start going back and adding the Category to older posts shortly.)

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