Will the Election Results have an Impact on Amateur Radio?

I avoid politics themselves in the posts of With Varying Frequency – we all get enough of “that stuff” thrown at us that we don’t need more of that here!

The election results do have an impact on Amateur Radio, so the results of the political process do need our attention.

Over the last four years the present administration has neither been a friend to Amateur Radio nor a declared foe.  There are regulations, decisions and field practices all over the board in relationship with Amateur Radio.

The impression that for the right amount of money offered for parts of Amateur Radio’s band allocation, that portions would be auctioned off or sold was tempered by the economic reality that for the most part the bidders were not as excited as they have been in the past.  Paying big bucks on the come is riskier in a down economy.

Amateur Radio can expect a renewal of the efforts to pull band allocations for resale when the economy improves, unless we get some Administration support for our hobby and services.

There is a control focus with the continuing Administration preferring volunteers to be tightly coordinated within government and quasi-government programs.  Some of this makes sense and some seems invasive.  Is the inventory request to volunteers about capabilities, radios and back-up radios a good thing for coordination in an emergency?  Or noting how countries who have imposed strict controls on Amateur Radio have done the inventory process first – so does answering the inventory/capabilities question have a certain risk?

Afraid on many of these items there are two solid strong arguments – often one that requires a faith in government and the other that reflects a wariness of government that is often the result of first hand experience.

Mixed forecast in the end – the returning administration it seems will continue to eye spectrum for resale, lean towards formal Emcom structures and otherwise largely ignore the Radio Amateur.



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One thought on “Will the Election Results have an Impact on Amateur Radio?

  1. I don’t expect any changes from the status quo. Our spectrum has always been threatened, and always will be. I just can’t see us losing it anytime soon. Don’t forget that it’s Congress that does the bill-making, not the president. We need to stay on our toes and keep up with our legislators to make sure they are acting in the best interests of us, their constituents (amateur radio-wise and beyond). I don’t think it’s Congress that is creating a burden for amateur emcomm in regards to ICS and other formalities, it’s just what served agencies expect today. I’m sure if pressed, the president would have an opinion on amateur radio, good or bad, but I can guarantee that amateur radio is not on his agenda — he has other things to worry about.

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