Is it Soup Yet? – Flex-6000 Series Radios in Beta Testing

The New #5 issue of  the Flex-Insider newsletter from Flex-Radio outlines the progress of the Flex-6000 Series development.  I shortened the release to the key points:

It’s Q4. Where’s My Radio?

A Word from our CEO

I am sure some of you are asking that question so we wanted to provide the answer. The short version is that units will begin shipping to our beta team in November with general availability units to follow in the first quarter. A more detailed explanation of the reasoning is as follows:

In development of the FLEX-6000 Signature Series, we have consistently assumed the position that it is more important to do things right the first time than to take shortcuts.

So where are we? ….

Most of the major [software/firmware] component modules and the GUI framework are in place and we have begun integration of the GUI with the radio’s network API. ……

On the hardware front, our contract manufacturing partner, Austin Manufacturing Services (AMS), is in the process of building pre-production radios.


Assuming all goes well in testing the pre-production units, we will be prepared to release and ramp production volumes when the software is ready.



Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR
President & CEO

The hardware has hit Beta production and some radios will be going out during November to the Beta Test team (guys this means the Alpha & bench built radio testing went well!).  To allow enough time to to do a creditable job of Beta-Testing the general launch of the Flex-6000 Series is now scheduled for 1st Quarter 2013.

Not unexpected given the hints dropped at the various hamfests on the software development taking more time than expected and Flex-Radio’s decision to not show Alpha-Software at these shows.

And I kind of noticed the Signature Series Flex-6700 Jacket was not a winter jacket… <smile>

So the answer to “Is it Soup yet?”  is “Not quite yet… check back in the New Year..”



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