A Sandy Necessity – After the Prayers & Action, a Call to Prepare

The storm hasn’t finished, with large winds, snows, rains and storms still causing damage and taking lives over a wide part of the country.

Millions without power and mobility. Some without heat.

After the prayers we all have had for those affected, and the immediate action of aid that can be rendered, a person’s thoughts run to “what if it was here – what it is was us?”

These are the natural questions that lead to preparedness efforts.

Over the weekend I spoke with my eldest son Tom KC9JGD about what would he do if his University was hard hit? Does he have a 72-hour pack? Where would he go?

Not done with the intention of scaring the young man, but rather asking him “what is your Plan-B if your housing & dining were unavailable?” Simple common sense questions.

Was rather pleased he had some ideas and plans, and most importantly saw the immediate challenge of putting together what items and plans he doesn’t yet have.

Today my office was abuzz with questions like “do you have a generator at your house?” and “do you keep some spare water & storage food at home?” Great questions and one every head of household should have asked themselves and responded to!

What have you done to be ready for the unexpected?

If there is interest I will post links to some the resources I have found useful when I have looked into this question.



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