Casual Contesting – 2012 CQ SSB World Wide DX Contest.

Has been the CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest. Contest this weekend, and true to form there have been plenty of distractions.  Tom KC9JGD had a chance to visit home from University 6 hours drive away, my father needed some help which Tom KC9JGD, Vic KC9NWB and I spent a few hours at, we had a dinner engagement dating from before I realized the contest was this weekend, an appointment out of town that took four hours, the Green Bay Packers had a football game in during the contest (who schedules these football games, really… <grin>) and mother nature through in a charming wonderful weekend of weather begging for one to go outside (and do those chores….) … whew…..

Despite the conflicts I did get in two two-hour slots and ran up 50,000 points fairly quickly.

This contest is always a favorite as the report is simple – Signal and Your CQ Zone (Click for Zone Map) (mine is 04) and off you go.

The rules take a bit of study as you cannot hop around bands on a whimsy, a new Zone or a new Country is worth more than more contacts from places you already worked on that band, and domestic QSOs are basically worthless once you get one per USA Zone.

It also is a contest that is good fun whether you work it “contest serious” or “in between all that stuff in life style” like I did.

I spent a fair bit of time on 10 meters, picking up a number of first time DX on 10m along the way.

Again I used N3FJP’s CQ WW Contest Log Program, which though it lacks in “Eye Candy” having screens like an old Windows 3.21 Program, does the contest logging job precisely and with little bother.

I’ve been a bit off contests as of late, having known each contest weekend that I am short of time and have too many conflicts to put in a real effort.

The 2012 CQ SSB WPX was almost an afterthought, as I knew I could only get on a short while.

But it turned out to be a blast – when I ran up 5,000 points I wasn’t vert thrilled, and when I came back on I thought “let me just double that up to something over 10,000 points and I’ll get back to other things.”

When I passed 10,000 suddenly I was self-challenging myself to get to 20,000, then 40,000 points. Knowing I had obligations that wouldn’t move or go away, I raised the bar to 50,000 points and at 153 QSOs I passed that mark up.

Yes, only a trivial amount of QSOs. I went unaided (no spots) and just worked listening the band from end-to-end which netted me some great multipliers.

Took only a few moments to upload my log to me off-site storage, and to email it to the contest robot. At first I had two errors – nothing in a mandatory “Locations” header line and a typo in the club (Society of Midwest Contesters). The error message was clear and a minute later a successful resubmission of my log was acknowledged by the contest robot.

Good fun and recommended!



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