Bit of Vintage Ten-Tec – Paragon II

TenTec Paragon II Station (courtesy RadioPics)

TenTec Paragon II Station (courtesy RadioPics)

Kind of a long story, as my friend George W9EVT had this radio left on consignment from an SK’s estate. The first ham to check it out blew it up. Not 100% certain what the chap did or how, but he killed it good.

After getting it back George W9EVT was left wondering what to do with the radio, and said to take it along if I wanted to fix it.

Not that Paragon II’s are very valuable and likely the repairs could exceed the value of the rig.

Sending into TenTec repair was easy. Within a few days I had an estimate and I gave my go ahead for what ended up being basically the value of the radio in repairs. Blown finals and related components and sorting out the other mischief from what must have been something like hooking the TX to the RF output of an amp, or powering it up key-down into a dead short, or worse….

Delayed slightly as the tech working on waited for parts and then had jury duty to work around, the radio is back good as new.

A junior sibling to the Omni IV/V/VI of the day, the Paragon II seems to be a much overlooked radio.

More on this rig later this winter when I get a weekend to give it a good run at making QSOs.



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