Hilberling PT-8000 USA Model – Trying to Catch One on the Air

Have been trying since the Dayton Hamvention 2012 to catch a Hilberling PT-8000 user on the air for a QSO. Would love to hear what the radio sounds like.

The announcement that the radio would be available in the USA had appeal to me, but I was surprised that another large price jump was included and the timing was bad if you owed taxes. Caught me with my “radio sock” nowhere near full enough for a PT-8000, and what I had saved for hobby already committed for another radio.

Rumble was that there was at more than one of the three or four available PT-8000s at Dayton sold – heard that Ted W1HFD acquired the first.

Haven’t heard from WV4Y since the few emails when he learned he would have radios to sell, so hoping he found a home for each of the ones he had.

Maybe in a year or so when I get all our family’s young hams through University I can put a PT-8000 in my shack.



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2 thoughts on “Hilberling PT-8000 USA Model – Trying to Catch One on the Air

  1. Hauke says:

    Why would you like to hear one? If it is correctly setup and transmits with a 2.7kHz bandwidth it would be hard to distinguish between a Hilberling, ICOM, Yeasu, Kenwood, Elecraft or Ten Tec … (my guess).
    Now having the opportunity to listen to the RX in difficult condx, that would be nice. I guess so would be listening to the new Flex 6000 RX.

    73 take care

  2. k9zw says:

    Hello Hauke VK1HW

    I think you are likely correct, that the real up-spec advantages may lay with the PT-8000’s receive side.

    Good point!

    Now if I can convince the XYL that I should have one, so I can experience that RX advantage……



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