Where oh where has the Jupiter gone? – TenTec deep sixes the Jupiter 538

Without much, if any, announcement TenTec has quietly dropped the TenTec 538 Jupiter.

Rumored for some months was TenTec likely dropping the model when supplies on had were depeleted of main boards and certain short supply components.

It seems that like the Pegasus it was developed from, the Jupiter’s time has passed.

Support for the medium term seems very likely, as new units with warranties have been sold until recently.

Surprising is the ultra low key brand management surrounding the TenTec lineup change. The rumble & concern that TenTec is on thin ice greatly could be nipped in the bud if TenTec communicated with the market more.

As for the Jupiter, they are an awesome rig at their last new market price, and at the typical used price there are few radios as fun to use as a Jupiter. Being much a Pegasus with knobs, the ability to run a Jupiter in Pegasus-mode using N4PY’s software is a huge plus.

On the speculative end of things one has to wonder when (and even if) the Orion II will be updated/replaced?



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7 thoughts on “Where oh where has the Jupiter gone? – TenTec deep sixes the Jupiter 538

  1. k9zw says:

    From the Yahoo Groups Jupiter538 Reflector:

    Ten Tec discontinues Jupiter as of 9/28/12 @ 4 PM EDST
    Posted By: wx4qn
    Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:16 pm

    I just returned home from the annual Ten Tec hamfest where I was informed by Ten Tec employees Stuart Banks – AD4LN (Radio Sales/ Customer Service) and Gary Green (Repairs/Parts) that the last Jupiter rolled off the assembly line at 4 PM EDST Friday, September 28, 2012.

    Ten Tec has several used green and gray screen Jupiters and told me that they will continue to service the model as long as parts are available.

    Bob WX4QN

  2. Paul Coats says:

    As the current owner of one of K9ZW’s former Jupiters I have to echo how much fun this rig is to operate. The filtering and noise reduction are amazing. From my experience on regional nets, if I can’t hear, nobody can. But I can clearly pull many stations out of the muck that others can’t. I also get many compliments on my audio quality, particularly after adding a Heil mic to the rig.

    Like my previous Icom 718, this is an HF rig only, up to 30 mhz. But I quickly found out what other hams told me, I didn’t really want an all-in-one rig. Sunday nights I literally work an HF net and 2 m net at the same time… yes, a mic in each hand… haha. HF and VHF are so different, yes, I really need two separate rigs.

    The best thing is, while somewhat different from the 718, it is no more difficult to operate. I read through the manual a few times and have not had to look at it but a few times since.

    What a fun radio to operate!

    Paul – AE5JU

  3. James says:

    Tentec should bring back a version of the Jupiter……….You just cant argue with success!!!

  4. Scott says:

    You cant buy the internal tuner any more. Not good. Looks like RF concepts will drive them into the ground too.

    • k9zw says:

      Not surprised here that a slow selling subcomponent of a discontinued radio is also no longer in production after some two years.

      This is to be expected.

      And it is actually the good sort of product management leadership that will make RF Products successful. Elimination of obsolete & very low stock items after several years of “legacy availability” is the cost control they need.

      Please remember TenTec announced the Jupiter was being discontinued nearly 2-1/2 years ago!! And that end of production was no surprised as TenTec had quietly told people for many months before that the radio was EOL as a product.

      Hear great things about their current line up, which is awesome!



  5. John WB8RFB says:

    My Jupiter 538 (with internal tuner) just lost its transmit ability after years of near flawless service. Does anyone know of anyone who is reliable and reasonable in repairing this model? It looks like RK Designs will only work on current warranty products but it would be nice if there were some kind of information available on who might service an older model Ten Tec that still has plenty of life in it. Any leads would be appreciated. My Email address is my call at arrl.net. Thanks and 73.

    • k9zw says:

      Hi John WB8RFB

      It does seem that RK (or perhaps it is the newest actual owner of TenTec?) as lost interest in bench work.

      Paul AE5JU is currently researching options, perhaps touch base with him (he is good at QRZ.com)?

      I have four or five TenTec rigs and am also interesting in whom to turn for service as TenTen metamorphoses into something new.



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