Time to Improve the ARRL Books – No More Expensive “B&W Newsprint” Books in a Multimedia World please.

While there is some good movement in the ARRL editorial and production standards, the league persists in trying to market black & white, often on cheap paper, books that look like relics from the 1950’s.

Or they are magazine thin, refer you to online material to see the color charts/pictures and are basically useless.

Printing on rough paper that looks and feels cheap makes the books a hard sell.

It is time to update the style, format, quality and editing of these books to bring them up to scratch.

Some of the fiction resold by the ARRL appears to be print-on-demand (Lulu.com?) type publications that look great compared to the flagship publications in the offering.

Content editing would also benefit from a younger approach to style and form.

Looking at the latest RSGB books the ARRL resells wouldn’t be a bad idea in planning improvements.

Let’s be clear, the ARRL book offering is one a very few available for radio amateurs and arguably the content is the same whether the delivery has curb appeal or not.  Just seems a shame not hold a higher standard in an effort to put pride in ownership back into these books.



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2 thoughts on “Time to Improve the ARRL Books – No More Expensive “B&W Newsprint” Books in a Multimedia World please.

  1. kf5gfz says:

    Couldn’t agree more! It would be nice if they could get a handle on epublishing too (the digital edition of QST is a fine example of how not to do it).

    • k9zw says:

      Ah the ARRL Web-mess – good point Christopher KF5GFZ

      Despite ARRL leadership promises to get to the bottom of the website debacle the downgraded site remains.

      I know where I would check the old site daily – if not even more often – I check the present one perhaps once a month.

      The website is an example of where an effort to modernize took the utility and ease of use out of a decent product, adding only sizzle while obscuring the good content behind shiny bits.



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