Trips to Washington Island, Heath SS9000, Flex-Radio PowerSDR 2.4.4 and Death’s Door Pig Roast

Last weekend was a quick run to Washington Island Wisconsin (WI-001L) to pick up George W9EVT for the W9DXCC event.  Spent a little bit of time with John K9IY who retired to the island a few years ago and I had managed to somehow not meet.

This weekend we ran up to catch the Death’s Door Spirits Juniper Harvest & Pig Roast

Death's Door Spirits Juniper Harvest

Death’s Door Spirits Juniper Harvest

We also caught up with numerous friends, spent a little “Red Cup” coffer shop time, and kicked back.

Red Cup Coffee House

Red Cup Coffee House

The Red Cup has switch provisioners to AnoDyne Coffee from Milwaukee – We can recommend their coffee, having had is served to us on the mainland several time prior, and bulk purchased it for our machines at home.

AnoDyne Coffee

AnoDyne Coffee

Spending some time with Susan and George W9EVT Ulm I also updated George’s Flex-5000A to the latest PowerSDR 2.4.4 and did other minor repairs/tweaks. Great to see them! I made but a single QSO being too busy visiting and being outside – Mark M0ZMX on the Isle of Grain (really not an island, but sounds cool) was 59+1- into the island on the Flex.

George has asked me to check out an unusual Heath radio – and SS9000 and PS9000 Power Supply. He has several and I am to give this backup a workout while sorting out a minor glitch. Here is a shot of this last ever Heath series transceiver from the period ad:

Heath SS9000 Transceiver

Heath SS9000 Transceiver

All in all a great time and truly this island is “North of the Tension Line!”



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